Magnetic Wireless Car Charger for iPhone

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger for iPhone

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger for iPhone

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Safe lock.Srable operation

Simple operation,firm control of tightness,reinforced.Not afraid of bumps.

Automatically align the coil.Just stick it.

Automatic positioning,can be fixed when put down,one-hand operation.Not cumbersome.

Details upgraded.More durable.

Magnetic attraction-automatically aligns,multi-angle rotation,easy to pick and place.Fixed mobile phone not shaking.

Customer Reviews

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Thelma Armstrong

Справа на фото купленный держатель. Вилка и кольцо уже в наборе. К левом вилку пришлось докупать, в сумме 2 тысячи ₽. Кольца тоже не было. На внешний вид кому как. На правом товаре крепление надежнее! Купил правый в подарок, жалко отдавать)) Доставка неделю в Татарстан в Пятёрке забрал.

Fanny Rutherford

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Jermain Jerde

A good device, all as stated. When connected to the corresponding power supply in the car, it gives out its 15W iPhone 12 charges quickly. Compact, in the car does not take up space. Keeps without a cover confidently, with a thin cover a couple of times fell out. As a result, I pasted the ring from the kit and all the rules. )) do not tear it off now.

Delphia Rau

The quality is good, for fast charging I bought a USB-C wire on USB-C, as advised. The power adapter is included. The only nuance is for fast charging with animation need an input power of 20W. And the power adapter, which comes in the kit, gives a maximum of 20W to both ports. And if you connect anything to the second port, fast charging will no longer, consider this when buying. But for this money there are no complaints, their money is worth! I advise you to buy!

Antonette Gibson

The magnet is just fire, keeps the phone perfectly, does not fall off on the cats, and supports charging. Everything works fine.